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Artisanal Honey by meia•dúzia (Choose from 5 Flavors)

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meia•dúzia invites you to the Portuguese Flavours Experience.  These artisanal honeys from meia•dúzia are a unique addition to your pantry and will kick any recipe up a notch.  From charcuterie to yogurt parfait the possibilities are endless!  Taking fruits and spices from the different regions of Portugal and combining them to make unique flavors that you'll find nowhere else. 

  • Multifloral Honey:  Multifloral biologic honey often called wildflower honey, is kept in its natural state, without the addition of any fruits or spices.  
  • Rosemary Honey with Apple & Cinnamon:  From the aromatic mixture of rosemary honey and apple with cinnamon, a flavor recognized by everyone, meia•dúzia brings us a honey with a warm and delicate flavor.
  • Orange Blossom Honey with Chilly Pepper: This soft and bright honey, with a golden tone, mixed with chili brings a spicy flavor, which contrasts well with the sweetness of the honey.
  • Serra da Estrela Heather Honey with Elderberry: This honey made from heather flowers grown in Serra da Estrela, has an outstanding flavor and scent.  A great source of energy due to its high amount of natural sugar and mixed with the elderberry, which has a high antioxidant power, this honey is invigorating!  A great way to start your day!  
  • Eucalyptus Honey with "Passa" Pear:  Originating from the nectar of eucalyptus flowers, this honey is aromatic and beneficial to your health, too. Eucalyptus honey is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and stimulating. "Passa" Pears come from the pear trees at S. Bartolomeu, fruits of regional variety, produced in new and intensive orchards. This mixture results in a honey with sweet flavour that's highly energetic.  

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