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Saturday Morning Cleaning Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candle | Linea Mandala

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Color: Teal

This candle is reminiscent of growing up in a traditional Portuguese household.  Saturday morning was sacred for cleaning the house, the smell of lemon pledge, grandma's flowery potpourri permeated through the house. For those who share this tradition will definitely relate. 

Formulated with pure essential oils with no added chemicals that have been extracted from flowers, barks, leaves and fruits, and then steam distilled using the most artisanal methods available. 

Sweet Lemons from the central Portugal, where the mild year round climate provides the sweetest and most fragrance fruits. 

Candles with essential oil blends will not provide as strong a hot throw as the traditional mainstream candles made with paraffin wax (petroleum based).  Essential oil binds with the wax and gives off a naturally enticing aroma providing the health benefits without an overpowering fragrance, a must especially for those who suffer from asthma, allergies or do not enjoy strong scents. 

The beautiful ceramic vessel brings a piece of Portugal to your home.  Handcrafted in a traditional ceramic factory by craftsman who show their pride in every piece. 

Using locally sourced materials,  the clay is pressed into the mold to be shaped and trimmed, left to dry and then sanded and glazed before being taken to the kiln to be fired, then cooled for 24 hrs, each piece is rigorously checked to ensure no cracks or defects.


  • Vessel: Reusable Ceramic Vessel, Made In Portugal with ❤️
  • Burn time:  About 60+ hours depending on care candle 
  • Wax & Wick:  Premium soy with cotton wick (never any dyes or enhancers)