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Barcelos Rooster Collection

The “Galo de Barcelos”, the unofficial symbol of Portugal is one of it's most recognizable icons.  Meant to signify good luck, Barcelos Rooster, as it's also known, makes a welcome addition to any home.  

These 8" hand painted metalic Roosters are imported from Portugal and are a great addition to your home.  

Brief History of the Galo de Barcelos:  At a banquet given by a rich landowner in Barcelos, a valuable piece of silver was stolen and one of guests was accused of the theft. He was tried by the court and was found guilty. In spite of the overwhelming evidence against him, he still protested his innocence. The magistrate granted the man a final chance to prove his case. Seeing a cock in a basket nearby he said, “If I am innocent, the cock will crow.” The cock crowed and the prisoner was allowed to go free.