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Free shipping on all purchases over $19.99

Homemade Fresh Cheese Starter Kit (Queijo Fresco)

$ 14.99

Queijo fresco (literally “fresh cheese”) is a staple in any Portuguese table. Made with cow or goat's milk, this white cheese is great for breakfast or as an appetizer (served with pimenta moida on top). What many people don't realize is how easy this cheese is to make at home. And now, with our Queijo Fresco Homemade Cheese Kit you can have fresh cheese any time you want!

  • Large (4" diameter) stainless steel food grade cheese mold
  • Each kit comes with 1 bottle of powdered rennet. (Instructions on bottle)
  • You can purchase the Rennet and different sized Cheese Molds separately.

Imported from Portugal with ❤️