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Bolacha Maria Cookies by Moaçor

$ 3.99

Growing up in a Portuguese household meant you always ate a lot. But somehow our grandparents still found time to feed us snacks, none more loved than the ubiquitous Bolacha Maria. is proud to carry MOAÇOR brand Bolacha Maria cookies, which are directly imported from São Miguel, Azores. Great for the kids or with coffee and tea. It can even be use as an ingredient in some classic dessert recipes.

NOTE:  Although a variety of Maria Cookies are sold in the United States under several brands, these MOAÇOR Bolacha Maria cookies are made and imported from São Miguel, Açores Portugal.

  • 7 oz net wt. 
  • Minimum order of 2 required

Product manufactured and imported from Portugal... and made with a little extra Portuguese love.