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Traditional Portuguese Clay Pottery Caldo Verde Bowl with Saucer (Single Set or Set of 4)

$ 14.99
Set of Four

Hand made in Portugal, this Caldo Verde Bowl with Saucer is a unique gift and the perfect addition to any Portuguese kitchen.  Caldo Verde, Portugal's national dish, will taste even better in these rustic bowls.  This set includes one bowl and one saucer.  Please note that because they are hand painted no two pieces are the same adding to the uniqueness of each piece. 

NOTE:  Because they are hand painted and the designs vary, no two Barro (Traditional Clay Pottery) items are exactly the same adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

Available In:

  • Single Set  (Includes one Bowl and one Saucer)
  • Set of 4  (Includes four Bowls and four Saucers)
  • Bowl - 5" inches diameter.
  • Saucer - 7" inches diameter.

Product is hand made and imported from Portugal... and made with a little extra Portuguese love.