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Due to the Winter impact in certain parts of the country, orders may be delayed.
Due to inclement weather orders may experience a delay.

Bolos Levedos, The 3 Meal Muffin by Central Bakery

$ 9.99

A Exclusive 

From Fall River, MA, Central Bakery’s 3 Meal Muffin (bolo levedo) is the result of a perfected third-generation recipe that produces a rich, slightly sweet dough that is baked into this delicious Portuguese Muffin. They can be served lightly toasted or as is fresh from the package. They are perfect to serve at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

  • Orders close every Tuesday at Noon, any order made after will be shipped the following week.  Bolos will ship by Wednesday. 
  • Minimum quantity of (2) packages is required to fulfill an order. 
  • Shelf life approximately 10 days.
  • Can be frozen to extending the shelf life while still maintaining the quality.
  • Precut 
  • A single package contains (6) 3 oz muffins.
  • * Not valid with any other coupons or discount codes